Why god exists?

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There are lots of mythological, historical and even physical presence of god. But man only seeks for something which he needs.

No one has really questioned the thought behind why did man actually seek for the almighty. But we all have one. The only people who do not believe in god are the ones who are really happy or are tired of believing in Him.

So the main question I am exploring today is why did the humankind actually seek or create god? Apart from the fact that “God” created the universe and put us on Earth on the 7th day of its creation.

Let us explore a little about the behaviour of man. A man always wants to stay connected. He needs someone to share his feelings with anyone or anything. Remember the movie(Cast Away) where the man was abandoned on an island for 4 years and he created Wilson…

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Acerca de tempranillo

Tempranillo is the most important type of grape that spreads all over the vineyards in La Rioja, where I was born and where I live. So it´s the essence of my country and therefore it´s part of my soul.
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